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All Prenatal appointments are held in Courtneay's home office in Spring, TX, with the exception of the 36 week visit, which is done in the mother's home. Routinely the prenatal assessment includes: getting mother's weight, vitals, urinalysis, and appropriate labs. The baby's well-being, growth and position will be assessed by fundal palpation, measurement, and listening to fetal heart tones. ​Additionally, nutrition, supplementation, self-care, exercise, and family integration will be discussed. Beyond routine care, appointments will not be rushed allowing them to be tailored to the specific needs and goals of each individual mother.

Prenatal Care

Diagnostic Lab Schedule

                                                          12-14  weeks obstetric panel  

                                                          18-20 weeks optional ultrasound referral for gender/anatomy scan

                                                          28 weeks diabetes, anemia screening, and RhoGam shot if Rh-

                                                          36 weeks GBS screening

                                                          40 weeks+ ultrasound referral for bio-physical profile

                                                Newborns will be given a metabolic screening at 24 hours after

birth and again at 2 week.

During labor the midwife and her assistant will arrive to the mother's home. Quality prenatal care and birth environment preparation allow Mother and baby to be quietly monitored, as labor unfolds. Gentle support, and reassurance will be given as needed, keeping unnecessary interventions and disruptions to an absolute minimum. The birthing mother and newborn child will be respected and assessments will be done in a manner that is optimal for the transitioning that is taking place. Lights will be dimmed and soft voices will be used as much as the situation allows.

After both mother and baby are well fed, stable, and situated for a reasonable amount of time, the midwife and her assistant will leave the new family to bond and rest.

midwife at homebirth

Labor and Birth

Emergency Equipment and Medications

Every effort will be made to prevent unnecessary interventions, however the following will be on hand:

-Suturing supplies and Lidocaine for perineal repairs

-Uterotonic Medications and I.V. Fluids

-Oxygen tank and resuscitation equipment for mom and baby

In the first few days following birth, the midwife will keep in close contact with the new mother by phone and will stop in for a house call between 24-48 hours. During the postpartum visits the mother's recovery the following will be discussed in detail: bleeding, involution of the uterus, breastfeeding and self-care.


The baby will be thoroughly examined, receive the initial newborn screening, and sleep, bowel and urinary patterns will be discussed.

Additional postpartum appointments at two and six weeks will be scheduled office visits.


Newborn Procedures

The following procedures are standard of care, but as with all informed choices, the final decision will be at the discretion of the parents.

-Two newborn metabolic screenings at 24 hours and two week

-Erythromycin eye ointment

-Vitamin K injection 

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