Trying to conceive?

The best time to start planning for your little one's future, is before you are pregnant. Preconception counseling gives you the advantage of going into pregnancy as the healthiest version of yourself. 

Individual wellness plans are developed to uniquely meet the needs of each woman. Each woman is viewed from a holistic standpoint, and the following areas are assessed:

  • Nutritional status for deficiencies

  • Diet review and recommendations

  • Recommended supplements

  • Exercise 

  • Self care

"Almost every complication in the perinatal period can be forestalled or mediated to some degree by good nutrition."

-Elizabeth Davis

"Approximately 70% of women are deficient in omgea-3 fatty acids, and 20% have levels so low they can't be detected."

-Elizabeth Davis

"Beyond a good quality, well balanced diet, daily supplements may help compensate for devitalized soil, stress, and air pollution."

-Elizabeth Davis

" Exposure to high levels of maternal stress prenatally have been linked to dysregulation of metabolic, immune, endocrine and cognitive function in offspring."

-Ann Weinstein Ph.D

 "Women who are physically active before pregnancy have lower rates of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia than those who are not."


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